Monday, 24 October 2011

Ghosts and Ghouls Feast - 22nd Oct 2011

It seems like ages since we updated the blog, guilt is creeping in.... We have done so much  and have so much to write about and yet everyday is escaping us. But not today! Since we launched atCatharines, we have been overwhelmed by the amount of people who have wanted to come to the dinners and by the people who wanted to have private parties at ours! So October was just mad and we have just had our Ghosts and Ghouls Feast this Saturday gone. Kat's house was adorned with spider webs (...we mean covered in the things!) It was worth it as it looked awesome and we had Tanya's skulls, lots of creepy twigs, brooms and pumpkins of all sizes that looked even more spooky in candle light. We stepped back at one point and looked at the room and dare I say, it looked bloody amazing!!!

Tanya and Matt Rich very kindly co host the dinner and they turned up armed with creepy music and black twigs! Then the doorbell rang and we had Carrie splattered with blood, murderous clowns, pirates, zombies, witches.. and with such efforts, we felt it was only fair to serve up a menu worthy of it.

Mouldy guacomole, charcoal crackers
Little mummy chipolatas 
Cloudy blood
Lightly spiced pumpkin soup in individual squash, red pepper oil, rosemary croutons
Homemade creepy black Cornish crab spaghetti
Braised shin of local beef, buttered kale
Treat and Treat Table (Poisonous toffee apples, lemon ghostly cupcakes, skeleton meringue with cream and raspberry coulis and chocolate mousse graves) 

As the night drew in, we had all sorts of antics going on in the room and it grew louder and louder. We threw our aprons away and hit the bottle with the rest of the group. I have to say Catherine L, your Gary Barlow impression wasn terribly impressive and absolutely hilarious!

We had a lot of fun guys, thank you for coming and making our night special! Now bring on the next ones. We do not have one in November but we have a drinks soiree in December where we will invite our past guests, local small businesses and our followers to join us for a tipple or two, mince pies and a chin wag so please look out for our invites.