Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Semi Civilised Sunday Lunch.....


A little while ago now, around the time the hosepipe ban was announced, before we all started wearing our wellies to work, donning cagoules every time we thought about leaving the house and before buying a canoe became a serious consideration, 11 lovely people gathered in the Sunday Sunshine for a lovely laid back Sunday Lunch atCatharines.

Cat has, on a number of occasions expressed her loathing of Sundays, time ticking away and before you know it the alarm wakes you up on a Monday morning ready for another week of work; so in order to attempt to dispel that foreboding we decided that for once, rather than hiding ourselves away in the Kitchen we would serve up more of a ‘help yourselves’ sort of a lunch and took a seat at the table to join in the fun - and the Bloody Mary’s – which were, we must admit, really rather good (and moreish.)

We were up, bright and early on Sunday morning, (which was in itself something of a novelty for some!)  Chopping and roasting and steaming and basting various yummy delicacies to serve. Given that this was our first Sunday lunch, we thought it only right to serve up a Roast, although, given that this is atCatharines, there were a few less traditional bits and pieces thrown into the mix!

With Bloody Marys in hand our guests tucked into paprika and brown sugar roasted peanuts, prosciutto and olives to whet their appetites.

To start we had                                  
                                                           'Asparagus Mimosa’ 

(steamed Asparagus, tossed in a little bit of butter, served with a crushed boiled egg, garlic and butter dressing)

And then 
Sticky slow roast belly pork, wilted spring greens with chilli and garlic, roasted baby new potatoes and carrots and juicy braised onions.

After what I have to say, was a fascinating conversation about the origins of spring greens and what exactly the different was between cabbage and another variety of cabbage like greenery, the origin and type of which of which I have now forgotten (I think it might have been Suisse Chard) during which I (Kat) demonstrated my total lack of insight and knowledge and was put to shame by some of our more green fingered guests it was time for Pudding.

Chocolate Pave, poached pears and sharp pear jelly.

So there we have it, Sunday Lunch atCatharines!
But it didn’t end there!  
At about 8pm with a number of guest still sitting at the table with us, a sort of second meal of leftovers emerged, and  I think I realised then  just what a joy Sunday Lunch is, and the left over picky bits – they make you realise just how good round 1 was! 

We'll let you know all the details of the next event atCatharines soon! xxx