Where is it?
In Larkhall Village, Bath

What is it?
We (Cat and Kat) serve dinners in our living room on one big long table so that different people can get to know each other while enjoying good food.

Are we underground?
Yes in terms of hush hush type but not below ground type

Who can come?
Single person, couples and groups. We have limited spaces for each dinner so first come first serve basis. If you would like to organise a private dinner/event atCatharines, please contact us atCatharines@gmail.com

Who cooks the food?
We do and we set the tables and everything else

How much does it costs?
Between £20 - £35 depending on each dinners. 

What do I get?
Welcome drink, canapes or bread sometimes both, 3-4 courses or tasting plates, coffee and treats

Booze and non alcoholic drinks?
Bring your own. We have wine coolers and cockscrews. Very much DIY. We are also working with Tasting Room in Bath http://www.tastingroom.co.uk/ for wine recommendations for each dinner menu. We will email you the recommendations. If you do want to purchase the wines from Tasting Room, simply give them a call on 01225 463392, pay and leave a name. You don't have to pick it up, it will be ready for you atCatharines! 

Do I have to share my booze?
Totally up to you

Dress Code
Dress up (We do even slaving in the kitchen)

Is it for me?
Well we can't answer that question for you but if you are open to trying new things, have a sense of adventure, sociable and a foodie then yes and if you are not, try it, you might be surprised!

How do I reserve a place?
Email atCatharines@gmail.com and we will respond within 24 hours with any relevant information. Your place isn't confirmed till we received your donations.