Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Private Tea Party atCatharines....

I had a phone call from a very good friend of mine and she was organising a hen do and she was frantically trying to find someone who can host a private tea party. Ahhh tea party....There are so many lovely things to say about tea parties. A picture forms in my head as to what a perfect tea party looks like. Tiers and tiers of different morsels but it has to have 2 elements, scones and finger sandwiches. It isn't a tea party otherwise. Well that is only in my humble opinion. Snapped back into reality, I heard myself say 'Yes why not'...then the fun begins. I was a little nervous as I am not a baker or a patisserie chef but I sure am excited about it. One little problem though, I do not have any pretty tea pots or tea cups and saucers. Thankfully they are not fussed about the crockery. Instead I went to the haberdashery to get suitable fabric and my ever so multi talented husband sew it into runners for me! Instead of having white linen and pretty floral teapots I have pretty floral tablecloth and clean crisp cups. We did however manage to borrow some pretty tea cups at the very last minute. Some pink cut roses in dainty candle holders complete the look.

I did some research on tea party food and I found some of the menus offered are very ordinary indeed so I decided to spice it up and add a little zing to the traditional fare. I love the pretty crockery but in reality, the food is the priority for me. This is a girl who prefers to play with guns rather than barbies so you see..practical!!

This is our nearly perfect private tea party

Apple and lime non alcoholic mojito
Homemade scones, homemade strawberry jam, clotted cream
Vienesse swirls
Millionaire shortbread
Lemon curd tart, vanilla cream
Minky Kitten scrumptious chocolate cake, handmade roses
Thoughtful beetroot  bread sandwiches with homemade mackerel pate, peashoots
Cat's special minted cider marinated cucumber sandwiches
Homemade quail Scotch eggs
Kranskaka (Norwegian giant almond wedding cake)

The hen party brought their own prosecco, bunting, balloons and carefully thought out goodie bags and a bundle of laughs. That my friend is a perfect tea party......

If you want to host a private tea party and don't want to do it at your own home, contact us as we love to host one for you.

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