Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Grey and Lime Green Private Tea Party

Another busy week completed and I am so knackered but in a good way. I have been super busy these last two weeks that I have not taken advantage of Alexa's nap time which extended from 20 mins to almost two hours for the past 2 weeks! I know... I know it won't last but I have been so busy that I hardly have any time to be amazed let alone enjoy the possible 'me' time! The previous week to last I was preparing for Bath Food Revolution cooking demo which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way (I will do a blog on it soon) and then last week I was busy baking and cooking in preparation for one of my good friend's hen do. She held it privately atCatharines of course (Bath's best private afternoon tea, ahem ahem ;) ) I was cooking in pjs and at one stage, in 2 hours I managed to make 36 individual brown sugar meringues, 1 kg of poached rhubarb, 24 large and small pistachio and raspberry financiers, made the guest bedroom up, do all the washing up, made Alexa's lunch, got myself ready and put some slap on so that I won't look too much of a tramp!! So on a rainy afternoon like today and also the day that my daughter decided to nap for 3 1/2 hours, I sat on the sofa like a slob staring into space and enjoyed the sound of droplets of rain lashing on the window above and did absolutely sod all! I must say that it is truly blissful.

The pictures of the tea party were absolutely fabulous and since I sat on my arse this morning without posting them, it is only fair to share them now. Our friend Corinne loves the grey and lime green combo so Kat and I incorporated these colours to make the tea party all the more special for her.

Tea Party Menu

Kat's fabulous chocolate fudge cake with grey and lime green icing
Viennese whirls
Pistachio and raspberry financiers
Poached rhubarb and brown sugar mess
Devonshire scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam
Cat's signature king rib and prawns siu mai
Spanish Burford Brown scotch eggs
Mini poached salmon and asparagus tartlets & mushroom tartlets
Smoked mackerel sandwiches with beetroot bread
Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches

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