Thursday, 1 August 2013

Back in the game!

When we sent out an invitation for bookings to the special people on our secret list, one of our guests (you know who you are :) ) said something along the lines of 'yippie so good to have you back in the game'. Seriously I didn't think people have noticed we have been a bit quiet this year ( I had a baby girl, Kat changed jobs, generally time just slipping away faster than you can say cheese). We have the odd enquiry when the next dinners will be when we bumped into some of our guests on the street but we thought they were just being polite! So when the invitations were sent out, the seats were pretty much snapped up. I am proud to say we are back and still love doing it. Since our start up, there are a lot of 'supper clubs' popping up in trendy Bath but we are still the first and stayed true to the idea of supper clubs. Still in the living room and still serving up really good food along with good company.

So here was the menu we served up to our honoured guests 2 weeks ago!

They started off with atCatharines signature pink boozy lemonade along with walnut and wild rocket crostini, white butterbean crostini and garlic marinated carrots.

Mummy Hulf's chilled cucumber soup
Pan fried trout,  crushed new potatoes, chorizo, peas and broad bean fricassee

Broad bean and peas risotto, shaved asparagus and deep fried duck egg (V)
Vodka watermelon granita
Kat's signature English strawberries pavlova, vanilla cream

Thank you for your continuous support and we hope to continue meeting many many interesting people in not too distant future. If you would like to be included in the secret list, please register your interest  :) xx

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  1. This looks a lovely menu. Love the table setting.