Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Comfort Food

I am absolutely pathetic when I get ill!! I had an infection early last week and only just gotten over it this week. The day I didn't go to work I spent the whole day in bed and felt so sorry for myself. I only want 2 things when I am ill, FOOD and MUMMY. Yes I am 30 and I still ask for my mum. The problem is she is 6,000 miles away so the only comfort for me is food.

But not any food, my comfort food is congee. Congee is a dish which base is rice, cooked with lots of water or stock so that it breaks down. You can add meat and vegetables in congee, much like the Italian risotto. It can be a meal on its own or plain congee with different dishes to go with it. I like Teochew Congee. The congee is plain and a little more watery than usual congees and my favourite dishes that go with it can include salted duck egg, omelette with preserved vegetables, deep fried black pomfret with thick soya sauce, stir fry pork with chillies and preserved vegetables and black bean fried dace. All these dishes are strong tasting to complement the plain congee. You get the sweetness from the preserved vegetables, crispiness from the fried pomfret, saltiness from the eggs, black beans and soya sauce and chillies to tingle your tastebuds! Apart from taste you get different textures. My mom always make congee when someone in our family is ill. To me it doesn't just taste like heaven but always remind me of home and brings me closer to my mum. At home whenever someone is ill, the most important is not medication, it is yes you guess it, food! I truly believe food makes someone feels better and the comfort of something familiar, something you crave is crucial to recovery! 

The picture above is unfortunately not mine as you can see. I found it from another blog to show you what congee is! I didn't manage to cook that great a congee and remember to take pictures in my pathetic state but I hope this gives you an idea.

 I want to ask you this...what is your comfort food?

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