Monday, 15 August 2011

A night to remember atCatharines...

Having been unceremoniously jolted back into the real world of work today, it seems an appropriate moment to revisit our fabulous dinner atCatharines on Saturday. More so over a glass of excellent Pinot Noir courtesy of Bernard and Vanessa.

First of all we would love to say a massive thank you to the 13 most wonderful dinner guests who all took a leap of faith and came to experience atCatharines on Saturday night. Just before our guests arrived we were shitting ourselves but as it turns out it was entirely unnecessary. From the moment we opened our door to our very first guests till the moment we closed it behind the last, there was a never ending  stream of laughter and chit chat so much so that it was hard to tear ourselves away. 

We started the evening with a glass of chilli dark and stormy (we manage to share it with everybody else...just) accompanied by some yummy canapes. We would like to thank Wiltshire Chilli Farm as they provided all the chillies used on this menu. Simply the best chillies we'd say! We even use it on our table decor, we love them that much!

 Menu for the night was as follows:

Salmon millefeuille 
Marinated cucumbers with chilli
Ginger chicken bites
Lettuce wrapped spicy pork
Malaysian chicken 'kari kapitan', steamed coconut rice, roti pratha
 Vodka and gin infused watermelon granita
Vanilla terrine, raspberry coulis, fresh berries and raspberry shards
Coffee and Kransakaka

We would be lying if we said that it was all smooth sailing. We had a couple of minor issues, luckily crisis was averted when we whipped away the plates having realized we had accidentally put prawn crackers on the plates of our two guests with shellfish allergies. No ambulances needed - result!

So there we have it, as we were putting out 13 empty wine bottles yesterday morning, we can only hope everyone made it home in one piece, it was a pleasure to meet everybody and we hope we sent them all home with full tummies and having had an enjoyable evening. We had a blast and cannot wait to host the next dinner atCatharines.

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