Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The importance of doing something you LOVE...

When I saw that our last post was in November I realised just how time flies. I remembered the excitement when we first set up the blog and I wanted to write all the time. I haven't been lazy I promise, in fact I had a baby. I know, no excuse really, its only a baby! Holy cow, nothing prepared me for the arrival of our little monster. I loved my pregnancy, it was easy. I read no books, no websites but I attended NCT classes. We thought we might need to find out at least some basic facts. I heard the word Oxytoxin for the first time and we met some of the loveliest people. But nothing by which I mean NOTHING prepared me for the shock of having someone to look after. The birth wasn't straightforward and I ended up having a C section, after nearly 24 hours of labour, so recovery was slow. I remembered my NCT teacher said that when someone had major surgery, they are required to rest for a few weeks before doing anything but when you have a baby, you are required to take up a 24 hour job! That was the bit that shocked me! It was constant and you are required to do it with very little sleep. The bit that I found really hard to cope was I didn't know how the day would go. I was really dazed and confused most of the time. I had a career and a social life, oh how it changed overnight!

14 weeks on and it has flown by... I saw the light at the end of the tunnel when a routine started to form and I was able to do what I love most; cook. It is my form of therapy and I hate not eating well. I never have done, not even when we were up to our eyeballs with babystuff! Thank heavens that I have a husband who is a good cook and also a fantastic sous chef! He would prepare the necessary ingredients while I feed Alexa and when I am done, I will come down and cook. I needed that for my sanity. I wouldn't give anyone any parenting advice but one thing for sure, having a baby is not the end to anything ( I used to think it was). Always make sure you have some time to yourself and do something you love even if it takes some time and adjustment before you can do it. Slowly but surely I am returning to my old self and knowing that I can do the things I love makes me a more tolerant parent.

My life has changed somewhat but still I wouldn't have it any other way. I have a beautiful daughter and although she is very demanding, her smiles make up for it everyday. Soon I will be able to run the events we do so well and today marks another milestone as Alexa is rolling over without my help and we have a private hen do to host in May. To be able to have a daughter to love and to do something I love are truly a blessing!

My little monster - Alexa Lily

P/S: Next blog, I will be sharing some of my simple, fast and tasty meals...

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