Thursday, 29 September 2011

atCatharines - Saturday 24th September 2011

.....So on Saturday evening, with masks at the ready and freshly baked breadsticks stacked up, we welcomed another group of lovely, lovely people across the threshold atCatharines.

All in all we had a remarkably stress free day, after a little potato peeling in the sunshine on Saturday afternoon and a couple of white wine spritzas the actual cooking got off to something of a slow start with rather a lot of talk about how terribly well prepared we were (which, as it turned out wasn’t quite as accurate as we had originally thought).....   However, with the arrival of Vic from heyokah photography who rather terrifyingly came to take some ‘action shots’ the cooking started in earnest ... for Vic's sake we should probably mention that none of the pictures here are hers! (they are ours...mostly taken on phones!) 

Thankfully we were forgiven for having tried really quite hard to smoke all of the guests out of the house whilst sealing the lamb at really rather an early stage in proceedings, we cracked on and had a thoroughly fabulous evening!

The menu was as follows

Boozy Lemonade
Home made basil pesto and hummus with gruyere breadsticks

Pea risotto with crumbly goat’s cheese


Chilli & fig rack of lamb, with champ, and cabbage with chestnuts and pancetta

Pithivier of butternut squash, goat’s cheese and red onion marmalade (V)


Lemon Meringue Pie

Pecorino & port jelly

Chocolate macaroons and coffee

And there we have it! Dinner last Saturday, thank you so much to everyone who came for making it the great night it was! 

The next atCatharines will be on Saturday 22nd October, dust off those Halloween costumes, Pumpkins at the ready and we will see you for an evening of ghosts and ghouls. xx Cat & Kat 

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