Monday, 5 September 2011

Cheap cheap dinners

I remembered a joke that my best friend told me when she was an air hostess for Singapore Airlines. She said that one of her male colleague said that whenever the plane touches down in Hong Kong, the whole crew turn into canaries. She asked why and he said its because all he can hear was cheap cheap cheap cheap!! Pretty lame I know but shopping in HK is cheap apparently. I have never been but my brother is moving there soon so who knows, I might experience the canary effect!

But before I do that, I got to save some money, not a trait I am particularly good with. Well I seem to gain a reputation of being a shopaholic among my family and friends but that is not really true. In fact Andrew said that I don't spend much! I love dressing up and I love my clothes, handbags and shoes ( I mean who wouldn't) but I am quite savvy with mine. I don't care where my clothes and accessories come from as long as I look good in them. I am not at all fussy with the provenance of my clothes not as much I care about food!

After a rather extravagant dinner on Friday at Coles (review, oh and the weekend before and before that, I thought I might just be a bit thrifty. Normally I would do a menu plan for the week. So I will use the same ingredients but cook them in different ways. However over the last month or so, the plans are frequently being obstructed by dinners out! So I have to be good. We went to Giles and Corinne's house and if you have been following my blog you will know that they are my lovely friends who has a greenhouse (still jealous but immensely grateful) They sent us back to Bath with spinach, lots of different varieties of tomatoes, parsley, Thai basil, chillies, mint, courgette flowers and yellow baby courgettes.

Thanks to these delicious free ingredients & leftover ingredients in the fridge, I kicked off my thrifty week with style. 3 meals so far and less than £10...

Spinach - Slow poached spinach in stock with egg flower
Thai Basil & chillies - Stir fry chicken with Thai basil and chillies

Parsley and tomatoes - Parsley in the moules mariniere and tomatoes in the homemade tomatoes & mozarella bread

Tomatoes, bacon lardons, yellow courgettes & deep fried courgette flowers pasta

And the mint, we made Mojitos out of those..hick!

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