Sunday, 24 July 2011

atCatharines Concept and Next Event - Saturday 13th August 2011

A lot of people have been asking me what is an underground restaurant. Funnily enough, because we are in Bath, people think we are in a vault below ground. Whilst that could be amazing and add to the notion of being 'underground', I am afraid I will have to burst the bubble! But we offer better....

atCatharines is not your conventional restaurant. atCatharines is a concept which brings people and food together in our living room. We serve our food 'dinner party style' on one long table. There will be people there you might or might not know and we think that is the best way to enjoy food, in a warm, intimate and relaxed environment. It is also a great way to meet people you won't have otherwise met or simply get together with friends. All this while having good food and wine. We both love entertaining so we will be hosting the dinners but won't join in (well maybe for a glass or two...maybe three)

Location:  Larkhall (address will be given nearer the time to guests)
Arrival time: From 7.30pm for drinks and chit chat, 8pm (or thereabout) for dinner
Food: Welcome drink, Canapes/Homemade bread, fixed 3/4 courses or several tasting plates, coffee and treats. You won't know what you are eating till you are here but we promise it will be excellent :) But please let us know if you have any dietary requirements (life threatening and genuine ones only please)
Wine: BYO (Bring your own). We will suggest some wines nearer the time. We have wine coolers for white wine and cork screw. It is very much DIY.
Costs: We ask for £20 - £25 per person pre- paid donation
Dress code: Dress up (We do even when slaving away in the kitchen)
Instruction: Have fun!

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