Thursday, 21 July 2011

Not on top of the world but....

I promised for the recipe of my Thai Glass Noodle Salad tonight and I have to say I kind of failed. I had every intention of doing it but fate intervened. I had some really bad news today, I can't say it is the end of the world, it is more like I am disappointed in something or someone. I can't really describe how I feel but I can't say I am on top of the world! But.. but... after half a bottle of Premier Cru Chablis, an Indian takeaway (my husband's suggestion, hence no home cooking tonight!!), baking another cake and making my green apple sorbet for tomorrow's launch dinner.. I am feeling better. Alcohol and cooking I think is a great combination (ah well I can't lie, the Indian takeaway was divine too). As I am writing this I can smell the cake from the kitchen and that is such a divine smell knowing you are fully responsible for creating that. Then all the disappointment and resentment starts to melt away slowly....

I will include my Thai Glass Noodle Salad soon but tonight I think I am going to retire to the rest of the Chablis, making sure my sorbet is at the right consistency and my cake is cooled down properly for assembling tomorrow. I might not feel on top of the world right now but making sure my guests are tomorrow is my first and foremost priority! X

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  1. Really keen to attend on Aug 13 Please don't forget me! :)