Monday, 11 July 2011

Catherine's First Blog...

I thought to myself 'what can I possibly write to interest people'?! I still don't exactly know but I always posted the food I cooked on Facebook not because I want to show off but I want to share the food I cooked with my friends and hopefully get them excited about my cuisine, what I have grown up eating. I also want to show my mum I can cook, has it in my blood.
I am Malaysian Chinese and my culture is all about food! I mean that's all they think about. When we sit down for breakfast, conversations will inevitably swing to what and where to eat for lunch, dinner and even as far as the next 3 meals the day after!
I am lucky, I came from a country where fresh produce was readily available so cooking can be very creative. My mum is an incredible cook..she is so good that the local chef called her up for advise. I however didn't cook till I was 21 not because I wasn't interested but my mum won't allow me. Don't get me wrong, my mum isn't an obsessive cook but she just didn't like me messing up her kitchen. She is a clean freak though! I told her so myself. My mum's kitchen as with mine now is a sanctuary, one's pride and joy! No one should touch the wok without intense supervision..oh no no no. They will have to have 9 lives.
Even now when I can cook, she still won't let me into her kitchen. Very annoying! I will keep posting my pictures so that one day my mum will look at the pictures and allow me into her kitchen. She will have to learn to use Facebook first! One can only hope...

So there is one I cooked for tonight's dinner..

Pan fried cumin spiced salmon, radish and tomato salad with wasabi dressing, warm salad of new potatoes, asparagus, courgettes with herbs

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