Friday, 15 July 2011

The other Katharine's first blog...

Having watched the ‘atCatharines’ brand develop over the last couple of weeks in this Blog, twitter and through Catherine’s seemingly endless list of contacts, I think it’s probably about time to introduce myself....I am the other ‘Catharine’ in this opperation, chief table layer, chief dishwasher loader and self appointed wine pourer. While I can fairly safely say that there will not be many pictures of my dinners making an appearance on here I would hope that every now and again I will be able to offer up something of interest...My passion for cooking doesn't quite rival Catherines, but I can follow a recipie and thoroughly enjoy it, it's the idea of having a house full of people to cater to and all the bits and pieces that go with it that makes me smile.
Just as Catherine learnt to cook hanging off her mother’s apron strings in Malaysia I too learnt from the matriarch of my family (although slightly less glamourously in suburban London)  who, I have to say, has hosted a few parties and dinner parties of note in her time, the food invariably warranting comments like 'did your Mum really make that Katharine?' to which the answer has always been 'yes she did, but I  did help...' (usually with the stirring). And while Catherine was kept at an arms length from the Wok, I spent a large part of my youth peering at pans on the top of the Aga, frequently with a teaspoon in hand adopting the role of official ‘taster’. (A role I hope to reenact with some regularity with this new venture.) - The Beef Ho Fun I was fed by Catherine on Wednesday was amazing ...and you can read all about how to make it! 

There will without doubt be more to follow, but in the meantime I think I speak for both of us when I say we are both very much looking forward to seeing you all atCatharines in the future! – Xxx the other Katharine  

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