Saturday, 23 July 2011

atCatharines Launch - Friday 22nd July 2011!!

So....Last night was kick off atCatharines...and now the house is clear, the dishwasher has been emptied of its last load and all the plates are back in the cupboards, it’s time to reflect...and on reflection I think this might end up being really rather self congratulatory....

Our day yesterday started possibly slightly earlier than originally anticipated, when we decided (some may say foolishly) to meet in Larkhall village at 8am to go for a run. (‘jog’ may be a slightly more accurate description of what actually happened – along with a touch of walking)

Task two was to send out smoke signals to see if anyone could dig us out of what was becoming an ever increasingly deep hole and come up with any tables around which we could seat our guests, visions of having to tell people they would be sitting cross-legged on the floor were becoming a possibility so it was a blessed relief to hear from the lovely, life saving Sam Hopkins at Beacon Hall who came to our rescue, for which we will be eternally grateful!  

So there it was, 2 tables (at the cost of one broken car aerial – convertible MG’s and 5 foot trestle tables turned out not to be such a happy partnership). Phyllis flew to our rescue with her car boot.  Picking up our brand new business cards from the lovely people at Ralph Allen Press in Bath came next. Finally all the shopping was done, and then came one fairly major (all be it brief) panic attack and a calming limoncello shot and with that it was time for our culinary efforts to begin – slightly behind schedule at 2.30pm.

Pre Dinner drinks & Canap├ęs
Boozy homemade pink lemonade
Homemade Serrano ham and salami twists, olive tapenade sticks

Aubergine wrapped ricotta and pinenut gnocchi with tomato concassee

Main Course
Braised free range lamb shank tagine with apricots and tomatoes
Chickpea, butternut and spinach tagine (V)
Citrus cous cous and minted yoghurt 

Bramley apple and olive oil cake with maple syrup icing, green apple sorbet

Coffee and homemade rocky road petit fours

                                                    Enjoying the remnants of the icing....

All done!

All in all a successful launch!  

 Roll on Saturday 13th August for the next evening atCatharines - details will follow shortly! 


  1. A great evening was had by all, lovely lamb followed by divine bramley apple sorbet, what more could you wish for on a Friday evening? Corinne, Marlborough.

  2. Thanks for a brilliant evening of great food and enjoyable company. I think this a really fun concept and offers a different dynamic to eating at a conventional restaurant. Great blend of relaxation with professionalism.