Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday Lunch...

I do not like Sundays. My friends said I am mad! 'How could you not like Sunday, what is there not to like?' Well the thing is Sundays always feel like the end of something for me. When I have a great time I do not like Sunday, when I am not having a good time, I do not like Sunday even more. Sunday must hate me. There is however one thing I love about Sundays ......Sunday lunch!
No matter whether I am cooking the lunch or the lunch being cooked for me, like today, it is always great. What is great for me is not just the food but the whole experience. I love the smell of meat cooking coming from the oven, the mountain of roasted potatoes and vegetables, the drinking 2 hours before the lunch and then the fight to make the gravy (well at my household anyway). That is just the beginning! Then everyone sits down and the feast begins. It is like a well orchestrated scene of meat being carved, bowls being passed around, wines being poured....It just goes on and on and on, oh the pudding, more wine, coffee...then nap time!
That is exactly what we did today. Nicola our wonderful friend invited us for lunch and I have been looking forward to it all week! We arrived and she greeted us with homemade bread.

Garlic, tomato and basil yummy....It was soft, bursting with flavours of garlic and tomatoes and the occasional basil

Salmon en croute with mascarpone pesto, great selection of vegetables

Chocolate Meringue Eton Mess with cherries 

    Ahh blessss.......

We laughed, we drank, we drank somemore, we ate and ate and ate, picked at leftovers and then a couple of us fell asleep as Reds decided to put the golf on! It was a great Sunday, a great end to the week but I still maintain I don't like Sundays and this time it is because I had such a great time and did not want it to end.  I know I know I am mad!

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  1. Oh my god the bread looks amazing!